Home Restaurant, is a dinner that takes place in a private home, and is an unmissable opportunity for tourists who want to discover local tastes and customs.

Home restaurant is not a restaurant we want to be, we do not take regular dining, but we make appointments between friends and strangers.

We were inspired by Sunday's family meals, those rituals that our moms and grandmothers repeated endlessly without getting tired.

From the preparation of the famous meat sauce, fish fry and eggplant parmesan until sweet.

Everything had to follow a classic and accurate way: The fish was bought on the market by the father or grandfather on Sunday morning. The meat for ragu was bought the day before by the trusted butcher, whom he needed to tell him the total weighing he prepared by inserting all three types of meat that make up the sauce.

The parmigiana of eggplant when preparing the sauce was obligatory to cook it, because its sauce must be strictly sauce of meat sauce. And finally, the famous cakes like Babà and Sciù were bought by us guys before coming home on Sunday.

So the guest will be catapulted on any day of the week on a "Sunday at lunch" at home. We strive to offer cooked dishes with the utmost care and high quality as: fresh fish, fine meats and wines of a certain size.

We emphasize the always careful and constant hygiene in preparing the dishes and the environment in which you eat. The tablecloth and the household utensils will be made available for the guest table.